Get all the facts before you buy.

For the majority, the most expensive purchase we make in a lifetime is our home. A pre-purchase building inspection assists the individual to make a balanced judgment on whether to proceed with the purchase or not. A pre-purchase building Inspection and report is a useful tool obtained prior to the final purchase of a building. It can assess the condition and integrity of your proposed purchase.

While most pre-purchase building inspections consider all areas of the building, and cover structural, non-structural, safety and maintenance items, they also report on drainage issues, and trees or vegetation, which may be dangerous or may cause foundation problems. It is sensible to protect your investment by finding out everything you can about the home before committing yourself to the hidden expense of unwanted repairs.

What are the advantages of having a pre-purchase inspection?

  • To be informed on likely problems.
  • To get information to improve negotiating power.
  • For professional advice and guidance on any particular concerns and advice generally to preserve the condition and structural performance of the building.
  • To get a professional opinion on ideas for extensions and renovations.
  • For peace of mind.
  • To make a better, informed decision, on a property purchase.

What is the best time to have a pre-purchase building inspection done?

Home inspections can be done prior to entering into the Contract (viz:- before exchange of Contracts) or in the case of properties in New South Wales, during the "cooling-off" period or by such later date as the parties may agree. It is now common for vendors to require purchasers to have the Contract explained to them and therefore to waive the 5 day "cooling-off" period.

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