The NSW Home Building Act 1989 requires that:-

"An owner-builder must not enter into a contract for the sale of land on which owner-builder work is to be or has been done by or on behalf of the owner-builder unless a contract of insurance that complies with this Act is in force in relation to the work or proposed work."

However, this does not apply if the work was completed more than 6 years previously or the cost did not exceed $20,000.

If you have carried out building works on your own house and you intend to sell the property within 6 years of completing the works then you will need to arrange Owner - Builder Warranty Insurance.

The certificate of insurance must be attached to the Contract of Sale. Insurance can be arranged through insurance companies or brokers. The insurers require an export report on the building works. Bacchus Partners provide this report quickly and reliably.

Our price is competitive and we inspect throughout the South Coast, Southern Highlands, Wollongong, Wollondilly, Campbelltown and Goulburn areas.

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